SMA of NJ/NY Rules and Regulations

(Revised December 2019)


By submitting the SMA 2020 application for membership I agree to adhere to the SMA NY/NJ Rules and Regulations listed below:

  1. Membership is offered to one who must be a wholly owned manufacture company and selected small distributors. Large distribution ONLY companies are prohibited; companies they own are not prohibited from joining SMA. Qualification for membership is determined by the sole discretion of the SMA Officers, and their decision is final. New membership is accepted all year around. Payment is required at the time of application at annual rate of $150.00 (no pro-rate). Non-SMA members may attend a show with an addition cost of $100 on top of the shows final cost. A full copy of the SMA NY/NJ, Inc. by laws are available on the website.
  2. Membership is owned by the company that paid for it, once you leave the company the membership is canceled.
  3. Board Officers will be exempt of paying membership fees as part of their service.
  4. The member that registers for the show must be present in person and thus is responsible for the invoice. Other employees from their respective companies may attend however the member MUST be present at the show. Additional employees must be clearer with the chair of the show for security reasons.
  5. Once accepted, each member is expected to chair, co-chair, or help in some capacity at a minimum of one show each year. Member contribution will be monitored through the website, and the feedback from show chairs. It is the responsibility of the member to monitor their own participation.
  6. All show chairs are responsible for submitting require paperwork such as contracts, COI etc to the Vice President. Expense reports must be submitted to the Treasurer. If all necessary forms, including the expense sheets, are not submitted, no reimbursement will be made for show expenses.  All forms should be submitted no later than 1 week after the show.
  7. Members MUST attend at least 2 SMA networking events to stay an active member. Shows, which have limited space, will not be available to those members who don’t attend the 2 networking events. Any member that agrees to participate in any networking event and needs to cancel must do so no later than 1 week prior to the meeting. Member, which cancels a meeting within one weeks of networking event date, must pay a flat fee of $50.
  8. Registering for a show on the SMA website DOES NOT automatically guarantee admission into the show. At shows with limited space we may restrict one table per company, however at certain shows where space isn’t limited we may have the option of providing more than one table at cost.
  9. An email is sent to the entire membership when a show is scheduled. Some shows can only accommodate a limited number of vendors. If this is the case, the members that are interested in participating that have chaired or co-chaired an SMA show during the current or previous calendar year will get first priority. If there are still spots available, the remaining spots will be filled by first come, first serve basis. For some shows, the host institution chooses the participants.
  10. All vendors’ checks should be made out to SMA NY/NJ, Inc. and mailed to SMA at 1225 Franklin Ave, Suite 325, Garden City, NY 11530. 
  11. The show’s chairperson sets all show times.  All vendors who are invited to participate in the show agree to abide by the hours set by the chairperson.  All members must be on time and set up by the show start time, and MUST stay until the end of the show.  Any member who deviates from the preset hours without clearance by the show chair may be excluded from the SMA organization. 
  12. Any member that agrees to participate in a show and needs to cancel must do so no later than 2 weeks prior to the show. Member, which cancels a show within two weeks of show date, must find a replacement for the show or is responsible for the cost of the show. Cancellation must be done by calling the show chair with an email follow up if the chair cannot be reached.
  13. All outstanding open invoices must be paid in result by the end of the calendar year or continued membership will be denied.
  14. All members will be invited to join the SMA website.  All members must sign up to be part of the website so important information can be disseminated. 

Members that do not meet these criteria will not be invited to renew membership the following year or removed from the organization immediately.  If you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact the SMA Officers:

Poonam Jassal, President
Jake Wamsley, Vice President
Pamela Israel, Treasurer
Phil Sims, Networking Chair
Melissa Marschall, Project Manager
Leonard Maziarski, Advisor
Gregg Smith, Advisor
Dennis Tiernan, Advisor