SMA Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How can I join the SMA organization?

A: Membership is open all year around. Please submit application at All memberships expire on Dec 31st of that year.


Q: What is the cost to join SMA?

A: Individual membership is $150. There is no group discount membership for any given company.


Q: May I attend a show if I am a non-member?

A: Yes, Non-SMA members may attend a show with an addition cost of $100 on top of the shows final cost. Membership is open all year around to join.


Q: If I change companies, whom does the membership belong to?

A: Membership is owned by the company which a member is employed by, once the member leaves the company the membership is cancelled. Contact an SMA board officer for more information.


Q: Are SMA dinners mandatory to attend?

A: Yes, members need to attend 2 out of the 3 dinners as agreed upon membership requirements.


Q: Which companies are eligible to become a member of SMA?

A: Membership is offered to one who must be a wholly owned manufacture company and selected small distributors. Large distribution ONLY companies are prohibited; companies they own, who manufacture and sell direct are not prohibited from joining SMA.




Q: How much does each show cost?

A: Cost varies between each show. 


Q: What is the SMA mailing address?

A: The SMA Address is as follows:

1225 Franklin Ave
Suite 325
Garden City, NY 11530


Q: Can I pay on the website for a show?

A: No. Credit card payments are accepted via PayPal, you will receive a PayPal invoice (if you are accepted into show). If you are paying via check, please send check to the SMA mailing address prior to the show.


Q: When will my check be cashed?

A: Mail is forwarded to the treasure once a month. Upon the once a month delivery, checks will be deposited ASAP.


Q: Can I receive a paid statement if I pay by check?

A: Yes, please contact treasure via email (emails available under “contact us”.)


Q: Do I need a Paypal account to pay for a show?

A: No, you DO NOT need an account, sign in as a guest and use a credit card to pay for an invoice.


Q: Can I pay the day of the show?

A: No, we no longer accept swipe credit cards at the site. Pay via paypal or send a check to SMA mailing address.





Q: Is insurance required for each show?

A: If required by a show, each company MUST have their own liability insurance to cover their employees; in some cases a certificate is required for attendance. If insurance is required, it must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the date of the show.


Q: Does registration guarantee a space in the show?

A: No, shows with limited space priority is given as following:

  • If you have chaired a show.
  • If you have co-chaired a show.
  • If you have been a flyer captain.
  • All remaining tables will be filled based on first comes first serve basis.


Q: Can I have more than one table at a show?

A: All accepted registrants will receive one table, each additional paid table will be granted based upon availability.