Scientific Manufacturers Association (SMA) is dedicated to providing members with the knowledge to better serve the New York & New Jersey scientific business community and its scientists.

Founded in 1995, our membership is made up of technical sales professionals whose place of business or territory is in the New York City metropolitan region (including Long Island, NYC, Upstate New York, and New Jersey).

As a Non-Profit Organization, the primary goal of the SMA is to provide our members with the knowledge they need to better serve the interests of scientists and scientific business. We share experiences across our membership through vendor shows, networking events, and meetings.

The SMA holds several annual meetings, in which members discuss industry related news, and share experiences gained from working in the field.

The SMA coordinates several annual vendor shows various biotech and academic institutions throughout the area.


Current SMA Board Members:

Poonam Jassal, President

Jake Wamsley, Vice President

Pamela Israel, Treasurer

Phil Sims, Networking Chair

Melissa Marschall, Project Manager

Leonard Maziarski, Advisor

Gregg Smith, Advisor

Dennis Tiernan, Advisor